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Bobby's Big BBQ™ turns your ordinary event into a big deal. Perfect for family parties, community events, or the best tailgate of the year, enjoy all your favorite slow-cooked BBQ recipes cooked right on site with our transportable 8' smoker.

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Bobby's indirect Reverse–flow Smoker

Our custom rig can roll up to just about any location to provide the finest quality barbecue. Ribs, chicken, burgers, corn—there's something for everyone to enjoy. Bring your friends and your appetite and we'll bring the rest.

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On-site Catering

The BIG Show

Bobby's Big BBQ™ is available for full-service catering for corporate events, weddings, parties, festivals, and concerts. Let one of our professionals man the smoker while you enjoy the company of your very-impressed guests.

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Party Pickup

Go BIG or and go home

Order fully-prepared trays of our delicious, slow-cooked barbecue, ready to enjoy. 14-hour brisket. Fall-off-the-bone ribs. Skip the show and take home all your favorites.

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Visit WhiskeyNeat

Don't have time to wait for the slow smoker? WhiskeyNeat™ in Patchogue is serving up selections from Bobby's Big BBQ™ everyday. Stop in and pair top-shelf cocktails and whiskeys with our top-shelf barbecue.

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Go Big for your next event

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know your BBQ

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A surprising amount of meat here. Cook low and slow or braise to find a hidden gem.


Face the facts—you‘re getting hungry already. Lean and moist, pork cheeks are often braised and are utilized by a number of culinary traditions.


Bobby’s Favorite, this pancetta-like section can crisp up after being cooked nice and slow for a complex and intense flavor.


Often referred to as the collar, this is a BBQ competitor‘s money muscle.  Cooked low and slow but not too far as it’s best sliced as a steak rather than pulled.

clear Plate

Extra fatty, used for making lard or sausage.

boston butt

This is the pork shoulder we use to make amazing pulled pork for sandwiches.

picnic ham

Similar in uses and flavor as the Boston Butt, it can be used in pulled pork, or sliced. Just remember to keep it low and slow.

back fat

Perfect to add to ground pork or sausage. Also, an excellent way to add flavor and moisture when Smoking and BBQing.


This is where we get those tender lean cuts perfect to be used in Cuban Sandwiches. Also where we get rib roast and crown roast.

spare ribs

This section has those amazing baby back ribs, and St. Louis cut ribs.  You’re welcome.


This is where bacon comes from, cut em’ in to perfect cubes and cook in the smoker for 6-7 hours and you’ve got heaven.


The other necessary part of a proper Cuban Sandwich. Not something we cook much of, until Thanksgiving.


This is perfect for the low and sloooooow nature of Bobby’s smoker. This is where osso bucco comes from. Also perfect flavor for making stews and broths.


Yeah, don't eat these. Get on your feet and walk over to WhiskeyNeat for a top-shelf happy hour. 🍸 🥃


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(We ❤️ it.)

know your BBQ

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Grab that tailgate by the horns. Contact Bobby's Big BBQ™ for your next BIG event.


Often ground to be used as part of a Hamburger Blend, or sloooooow cooked and braised till it falls apart. Also, it‘s where some of those yummy short ribs come from.


Bobby’s favorite. We unlock all that flavor by smoking low and slooooooow for 14+ hours.


Slow cook to make a beef version of osso bucco, generally a soup and stew section.


Here’s where we get those big ribeye steaks, and dinosaur bone ribs from.


This is the area we get those long, thin amazingly flavorful skirt steaks and short ribs from.

Short Loin

Some of the best cuts originate here. T-Bone, Porterhouse, and NY Strip Steaks.


Top has amazing sirloin steaks.

Bottom has Tri-tip which is a really flavorful cut if cooked properly.


The ultra-tender, non-weight bearing muscle is where we get Filet Mignon.

Top Sirloin

The "most-prized" area of the sirloin region, providing amazing sirloin steaks.

Bottom Sirloin

Bottom sirloin has the Tri-tip which is a really flavorful cut if cooked properly.


Thank you for the hamburger meat. 🍔


When cooked low and slow or braised right these cuts can be the talk of the party.


Yeah, don't eat these. Get on your feet and walk over to WhiskeyNeat for a top-shelf happy hour. 🍸 🥃


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